problems with Fcc through notmuch-command

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problems with Fcc through notmuch-command

Hello everybody,

I'm using Debian package elpa-notmuch [1] on my client and notmuch [2] on my
server, both versions are tagged 0.27-1~bpo9+2

I'm using the emacs interface remotely [3] so I set up the suggested wrapper
script on my client in ~/bin/notmuch (it's in my PATH): searching, tagging
and alike are working pretty well

I know I could use muchsync to keep all in sync and avoid using notmuch
remotely, but I have a central mailserver in my office and I would like to
avoid duplicating the database on all my workstations (I have a couple) in
my LAN

I'm trying to use Fcc through notmuch-command, so I configured my client as
suggested [3] and also configured notmuch-fcc-dirs [4], this is my client
configuration (just skipping saved searches in this snippet):

(setq notmuch-crypto-process-mime t)                                                                                                                                                              
(setq notmuch-command "~/bin/notmuch")                                                                                                                                                            
(setq notmuch-fcc-dirs                                                                                                                                                                            
      '(("[hidden email]" . ".INBOX.private")
        ("[hidden email]" . ".")
        (".*" . ".")))

(setq message-directory "/var/mail/giovanni")

when I start composing a new message Fcc: field is autocompleted with the
value ".INBOX.private" as configured

when I send the message, in the *Messages* emacs buffer I get:

Sending via mail... [5]
Mark set
"/home/giovanni/.INBOX.private" does not exist, create it? (y or n) n
gnus-output-to-mail: Output file does not exist

I'm sure database.path on my server is "/var/mail/giovanni"

it seems that my client is not using "notmuch insert" for the new message,
despite notmuch-maildir-use-notmuch-insert is set to true (the default)...
or my server simply ignores database.path (unlikely since all indexing is
running fine)

please am I missing something or did something wrong?


[5] should it be "Sending via notmuch insert"?

Giovanni Biscuolo
Xelera - IT infrastructures

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