notmuch release 0.26.1 now available

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notmuch release 0.26.1 now available

Where to obtain notmuch 0.26.1

Which can be verified with:
  d3f7e44f4dd0a75150b73e41737c4923ba94ea2947b9fe585f0aab591bb4a837  notmuch-0.26.1.tar.gz
  (signed by David Bremner)

What's new in notmuch 0.26.1

Library Changes

Bump the library minor version. This should have happened in 0.26, but
better late than never.

What is notmuch
Notmuch is a system for indexing, searching, reading, and tagging
large collections of email messages in maildir or mh format. It uses
the Xapian library to provide fast, full-text search with a convenient
search syntax.

For more about notmuch, see
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