nmbug.notmuchmail.org is now HTTPS and IPv6-enabled

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nmbug.notmuchmail.org is now HTTPS and IPv6-enabled

hey all--

bremner has been maintaining the nmbug.notmuchmail.org webservice for
the benefit of the community for quite a while now.

I've just offered to help co-maintain, because i wanted to see the
network service move to encrypted transport.  With bremner's permission
and assistance, that's now done.

You can see the status of outstanding bugs at:


The DNS for it also pointed to an IPv6 address, which it turned out
wasn't working correctly.  We've also fixed that so the service now
works on both IPv4 and IPv6.

nmbug(1) configuration

If you're using the nmbug command line tool, you probably also want to
adjust your transport to use https instead of http:

     git --git-dir=$HOME/.nmbug config remote.origin.url https://nmbug.notmuchmail.org/git/nmbug-tags.git

If you have push access, of course, this shouldn't affect your pushurl,
which is hopefully set distinctly.

Here's how my config looks properly adjusted:

    0 dkg@alice:~$ git --git-dir=$HOME/.nmbug remote -v
    origin https://nmbug.notmuchmail.org/git/nmbug-tags.git (fetch)
    origin [hidden email]:nmbug-tags (push)
    0 dkg@alice:~$


If you notice any problems with the service, please give me or bremner a
shout.  Your best bet is probably to report problems to this mailing
list, or the IRC channel (#notmuch on irc.freenode.org), and directly
address me and bremner.

Happy hacking,


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