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[astroid] Announcing Astroid v0.12


Astroid v0.12 has been released!

  Astroid is a lightweight and fast graphical threads-with-tags email
  client for notmuch. Written in C++ using GTK+, WebKit and gmime.

Astroid can be acquired, along with usage and instructions for use, at:


  once you get Astroid running press '?' to get a list of keybindings
  for the current context. For 'The Tour' check out:


## Some of the changes since v0.11.1

* `mail.close_on_success` configures if page closes on successful send.
* `terminal.font_description` configures font of embedded terminal.
* `terminal.height` configures height of embedded terminal.
* `mail.format_flowed` is off by default.
* Make hooks undoable by providing a field for the inverse command.
* Do not force throw-keyid (follow gpg config).
* Allow GPG to be disabled with configuration option.

Regards, Gaute

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