Mark Emacs as prerequisite for tests which require it

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Mark Emacs as prerequisite for tests which require it

Dear notmuch developers

The notmuch test suite depends on some external dependencies to finish successfully (i.e. no failures but maybe some skips), one of them being Emacs.
As I had no Emacs installed, I discovered that some tests fail and do not state properly that Emacs is needed for them.
Below are small sed commands (was easier this way) which put the "test_require_external_prereq emacs" to the missing places.

For some tests (those which test Emacs capabilities) it is clear that Emacs is a necessity, some tests in particular the crypto tests (T350, T355, T357) do require Emacs only for generating a initial mail to index/test on. Here it would in my opinion be better to find an alternative way of producing that e-mail so these tests can be run without Emacs (That would reduce the long list of test names below tremendously). A promising approach would be using the same idea as the last tests in, they use "add_email_corpus crypto" for (what seems to me) populating the mail archive.


# Mark tests properly which require Emacs
# (some of them rely on Emacs to generate an test e-mail)
sed -i -e '\:^\..*/ a test_require_external_prereq emacs' \
        test/ \
        test/ \
        test/ \
        test/ \
        test/ \

# Most tests in test/ require a working Emacs.
# However, a couple of tests at the end do not.
# Mark the tests needing Emacs properly.
for testname in \
        'emacs delivery of encrypted message' \
        "search for unindexed cleartext" \
        'emacs delivery of encrypted message' \
        "emacs delivery of encrypted message, indexed cleartext" \
        "emacs search by property for one message" \
        "show the message body of the encrypted message" \
        "message should go away after deletion" \
        "message cleartext not present after insert" \
        "stash decryption during show" \
        "search should now find the contents" \
        "message cleartext is present after reinserting with --decrypt=true" \
        "delete all copies of the message" \
        "message cleartext is present with insert --decrypt=true" \
        'tagging all messages' \
        "verify that tags have not changed" \
        'reindex old messages' \
        "reindexed encrypted message, including cleartext" \
        "emacs search by property for both messages" \
        'reindex in auto mode' \
        "reindexed encrypted messages, should not have changed" \
        'reindex without cleartext' \
        "reindexed encrypted messages, without cleartext" \
        'reindex using only session keys' \
        "reindexed encrypted messages, decrypting only with session keys" \
        "emacs search by property with both messages unindexed" \
        "verify that tags remain without cleartext" \
        "index cleartext without keeping session keys" \
        "Ensure that the indexed terms are present" \
        "show one of the messages with --decrypt=true" \
        "Ensure that we cannot show the message with --decrypt=auto" \
        ; do
                sed -e "/test_begin_subtest [\"']${testname}[\"']/ a test_require_external_prereq emacs" \
                        -i test/ \
                        || echo "Failed: Marking test ${testname} for skipping."
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