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[Gmailieer] v0.2 released


  this marks the release of version 0.2 of gmailieer - a fast fetch and
two-way tag synchronization program for notmuch and GMail messages
and tags:


'gmailieer' (or 'gmi') is a small program pulls email and labels
(and changes to labels) from your GMail account. These are stored locally in a
maildir with the labels synchronized with the tags in a notmuch database. The
changes you make to tags in the notmuch database may be pushed back to
your GMail account.

'gmailieer' is in use by several users daily, and has made almost a
million request a day (peak) lately.

Since the previous relase [0] we now

* Do most push request in batch requests, together with exponential backoff and other error handling, this makes the synchronization much more robust.

* Sync SPAM and TRASH messages as well (make sure to do a full gmi pull -f to get older SPAM and TRASH messages).

* Made setup much easier since you do not need to create your own API key:

  $ gmi init [hidden email]
  [... authorize ..]
  $ gmi pull

to sync:

  $ gmi sync

Regards, Gaute

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