Generalising applying tag changes & resolving

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Generalising applying tag changes & resolving


The a, A, x and X bindings in show mode, and similar in tree mode, are
very convenient ways to apply whatever you have in notmuch-archive-tags,
and move on in your mail reading.  I find all four of the bindings

It would be good to generalise these so that they could be used for
other sets of tags.  For example, to apply a 'killed' or 'spam' tag, and
move on in the same way that the existing keys do.

I've hacked something up, and I can now hit 'K' to modify my next use of
a, A, x or X such that the killed tag is also added to the message.
Ideally So for example I can use 'KX' to add killed, mark as read and
then get out of show mode and return to my list of search results.
Ideally this wouldn't be a hack.

Sean Whitton

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