Announcing Astroid v0.9

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Announcing Astroid v0.9


Astroid v0.9 has been released!

  Astroid is a lightweight and fast graphical threads-with-tags email
  client for notmuch. Written in C++ using GTK+, WebKit and gmime.

Astroid can be acquired at:

 $ git clone

  Usage and instructions:

  once you get Astroid running press '?' to get a list of keybindings
  for the current context. For 'The Tour' check out:

( P.S: We now also have a homebrew tap for Mac OS users: !)

## Changes since v0.8

* Archive or close thread and then directly open next or next unread thread
  in originating thread-index.
* Drop use of old deprecated non _st functions, use their new names. Will
  require 0.24 or newer.
* No longer support pre-lastmod notmuches.
* Catch missing content errors for messages, not fail.
* Wait and block R/O database opening, not fail.
* Defer changed_thread events on thread-index while still loading.
* Do not update tags in thread-view when not ready.
* Configuration option thread_view.expand_flagged determines whether flagged
  messages are expanded by default.
* Better handle poll thread. Make sure to clean up connections here and in send_message.
* Polling can be cancelled with C-c in main window.

Regards, Gaute

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