ANNOUNCE: muchsync 3 released

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ANNOUNCE: muchsync 3 released

Muchsync 3 is now available from the usual place:

Muchsync synchronizes mail and tags in your notmuch database across
machines.  Not much has changed since the last release, because the tool
already worked well.  However, there are two changes people requested:

  * Muchsync only buffers 128MiB of data, rather than an unbounded
    amount.  People synchronizing large databases on machines without
    enough swap space were running out of memory.  A 128MiB buffer
    should still be plenty to saturate the network.

  * There's a new option --newid to change the local replica id.  This
    potentially allows a faster way of initializing muchsync:  Copying
    your entire mail database and .notmuch-config file from the original
    machine, then running "muchsync --newid" on the destination machine
    to give the new replica a unique identity.


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